Over the years, Vanderbilt has built an agile business system that encourages innovation, learning, and growth. We embrace new technology and ideas in an effort to help our advisors grow their businesses in a meaningful way. Whether it’s learning a new program that improves our workflow, infusing gamification into our workplace, or incorporating sustainability into our operations, we are passionate about being a modern pioneer in the financial services industry.

Core Values

G.R.I.T.T. (Gratitude, Respect, Innovation, Teamwork, Trustworthiness) comprises the core values at the heart of the Vanderbilt culture. These values infuse an entrepreneurial spirit in our workplace – inspiring and celebrating innovative ways of doing business that empowers employees. Under the leadership of the impactful husband and wife team, Steve and Heidi Distante, Vanderbilt’s culture has garnered awards such as being named one of the Best Places to Work on Long Island for 2018, 2019 and 2020, the Albridge Quality Data Award, the Future50 and Corporate Culture Awards from SmartCEO, as well as being recognized as one of the finest run companies by the Management Action Plan (M.A.P.) organization.


At Vanderbilt we are always appreciative of others and what is available to us. Being thankful is a key value of ours as we strive to take nothing for granted. When we reflect gratitude in the way we deal with others, we are making a conscious effort to achieve the best and most fulfilling outcomes in situations.


We believe respect to be a form of appreciation and an acknowledgement of equality. Being respectful is of the utmost importance to sustaining a successful business, continuing strong relationships with our advisors, and maintaining productive teamwork within the office. In order to conduct business honorably we believe genuine respect should be reflected at all times.


We are extremely proud of our dedication to innovation here at Vanderbilt. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to constantly look for ways to be unique and cutting edge. We are creative and passionate about our business and open-minded in exploring new ways to improve for the betterment of ourselves and the betterment of those around us.


Maintaining a collaborative atmosphere ensures that teamwork is a core value at Vanderbilt. By sharing, communicating, and cooperating with one another, we maintain a positive and bonded connection as a team.


The ability to trust and to be trusted is absolutely essential to the way we conduct ourselves. At Vanderbilt we make sure that we are responsible and dependable in all we do. We hold ourselves to a standard of honor and honesty.

Vanderbilt Financial Group is an impactful investment firm doing business differently than anyone else in our field. Whether it’s learning a new program that improves our business, infusing gamification into our workplace, or becoming a sustainable and green firm, we are passionate about being a modern pioneer and different kind of firm. We are a unified team driven by shared values of gratitude, respect, innovation, teamwork, and trust.

Vanderbilt Financial Group is the marketing name for Vanderbilt Securities, LLC and its affiliates.
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