On Thursday April 21st we held our second event to spread awareness and education regarding the importance of sustainability in appreciation of Earth Day.

Vanderbilt Advisor, Ellen Meyerson, was inspired by Vanderbilt’s LEED status and encouraged having separate event for Vanderbilt Financial Advisors to bring their clients so that inspiration could spread. 20 Advisors and Clients attended a building tour and presentation to learn about changes we can all make in our everyday lives to become more eco-friendly. CEO, Steve Distante, and Designer, Diana Lillo, our LEED-AP and Co-founder of ID Unique Solutions, INC. lead a discussion in simple changes Vanderbilt made to become a LEED certified building.

Several of the points discussed included: Installing low flow appliances that reduced our water usage by 40%, including recycled and renewed furniture and materials, and using low volatile compound paints and glues. Some larger changes were also discussed, such as installing two Electric Car Charging Stations and a 295 panel solar array project completed by EmPower Solar, who was also in attendance to answer questions.


Diana educated the group about the benefits of biophillic design which is the theory of bringing the outdoors in which has enormous benefits on health, creativity, cognitive thinking, and more. In her presentation she showcased several biophillic design elements she incorporated into the Vanderbilt project including our recycled fish net carpets from NetEffect at Interface and our wavy wall inspired by rippling water.


Watch our Virtual Tour here to get a taste of the experience!