Three Earth Day Events at our Vanderbilt Financial Group Headquarters made for an exciting week and Vanderbilt Advisors and Staff were happy to participate. We held a Nature Photo contest in appreciation of Earth where members of the company were invited to submit their favorite personal photo of nature for the opportunity to win a prize as well as be hung and exhibited in our home office.

14 members of the Vanderbilt Team submitted gorgeous photos that celebrated Nature. Photos ranged from flowers in Sri Lanka and Washington D.C., to landscapes from the Canada, Ireland, Hawaii, and Long Island. Everyone on the Vanderbilt team was welcome to vote for their favorite photo in addition to any visitors from our Earth Week Events.

Financial Advisor David Levin took first place with his gorgeous close up of a flower, Relationship Manager, Christine Byrnes, came in second with a seascape from Hawaii and Graphic Designer Michael Rolston won third place with a snowy mountain scene from Switzerland


Thank you to the whole Vanderbilt Team for all your support of our Earth Week 2016 events and congratulations to all the photographers who participated!