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Vanderbilt Financial Group is an Independent Broker Dealer and RIA with a focus on Impact Investing and a commitment to environmental and social sustainability; we have built a culture which embraces the new millennium and prepares for the future by being responsible and impactful.

I welcome you to visit our recently renovated LEED Certified headquarters in Woodbury, New York, to meet our Vanderbilt Family, and to Experience the Vanderbilt Difference.

Our firm was formed 50 years ago by two brothers to help manage their families’ money, and in 2001 I acquired the firm and renamed it Vanderbilt Securities. I am often asked why we chose the name Vanderbilt, the answer is simple: Cornelius Vanderbilt had the foresight to invest in an innovative and sustainable transportation system in America which is still in use today, he embodied the entrepreneurial spirit that so many independent advisors possess, and finally, the Vanderbilt name is reputable as one who understood the attainment of wealth and understanding of risk, which is why our clients turn to us to invest for their future.

Today, we are a passionate, vibrant, and thriving organization committed to the next 50 years with our focus on serving the needs of millennials both as clients and advisors with a focus on impact investing. Vanderbilt’s LEED Platinum headquarters is the tangible symbol of both our environmental and financial stability and longevity as a company.

We understand that millennials are looking for more than just fiscal returns, which is why we offer impact investment opportunities to those looking to provide an environmental and social impact alongside returns.

My commitment to our team, our clients, and our community, is to always improve our leadership skills. I am constantly developing my skills to be a “leader of leaders”. Vanderbilt was recognized in 2014 for utilizing the MAP Business Operating System, winning the Presidential Award and being acknowledged as one of the finest run companies in the world.  If you are a leader, an entrepreneur, who is committed to providing your clients with the best organization to serve their needs, you owe it to yourself to contact us and “Experience the Vanderbilt Difference”!

Vanderbilt Financial Group is an Independent Broker Dealer doing business differently than anyone else in our field. We are constantly learning and applying new ways of doing thing- whether it’s learning a new program that improves our business, infusing gamefication into our workplace, or becoming a sustainable and green firm, we are passionate about being a modern pioneer and different kind of broker dealer. We are a unified team driven by shared values of; gratitude, respect, innovation, teamwork, and trust. At Vanderbilt we are focused on finding ways of bettering ourselves and those around us while always applying our values to our clients, our community, and our environment.

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