After 5 months, our first annual Crock Pot Wars competition has ended. Each month, we held a Crock Pot War around a theme and watched as our Vanderbilt Team fought to be named the Crock-Star!

In each round, we tasted and cast votes for our favorite dishes. After all the votes were tallied, we would have a first, second, and third place winner. First place received 5 points, second place received 3 and third place, 1 point. These points would accumulate over the 5 rounds to crown our Crock-Star!

Here’s a quick recap of the rounds that led us to crowning our Crock-Star!

Round 1- Six contestants participated in Round 1 which was our Appetizers Round. We had a tie for first place between Chief of Staff, Heidi Distante’s, Buffalo Chicken Dip and Technology Specialist, Ronnie Hanif’s Bacon Wrapped Weenies.

Round 2- Round Two was our Soups & Stews round and again we had a tie between Heidi and Ronnie for their Chicken Pot Pie Stew and Bengali Lentil Soup, respectively.

Round 3- In Round three, Operations Manager, Joe Berbenich broke the winning streak with Chili in our Healthy Round.

Round 4- Round 4 was our Dessert round with six participants. It was no shocker that Heidi the Baker took first place with an Apple Crisp.

Round 5- Our final round was our Free Style theme with three participants. Chief Compliance Officer, Barry Champney won over the crowd with his finger-lickin-good ribs.

With all the points tallied from all 5 rounds, Heidi Distante was crowned our Crock-Star! As our clear winner with 19 points total, Heidi was the only competitor to compete in all 5 rounds, and was the crowd favorite. Second place went to Ronnie Hanif who had our taste buds tingling in rounds one, two and four. Third place had a three way tie between Joe Berbenich, Ellen Meyerson, and Barry Champney.

Congratulations to all our winners and participants!