Service Fees Fees
Equities, Fixed Income & Mutual Funds $7.00 – $22.50 per Transaction
Certificate Processing Fees Fees
Deposited Stock Certificate
Requires Legal Documentation
Physical Reorganization $40.00
Legal Return – Due to “Not In Good Order” $60.00
Safekeeping $7.00 per Position – per Month
Transfer & Ship Certification
Non DRS ELIG – Physical Certification
$225.00 per Position
Transfer & Ship or De-Networking $35.00 per Transaction
Alternative Investments Fees Fees
Alternative Investments
$50.00 per Transaction
Annual Alternative Investment
Custody & Valuation
Registered $35.00 per Position – Annually
Non-Registered $125.00 per Position – Annually
Money Movement Fees Fees
Bounced Checks $35.00 per Transaction
FED Fund Wire Transfer $15.00
Stop Payment $40.00
Account Maintenance Fees Fees
Annual Custody & Record Keeping/Inactivity $40.00
IRA Annual Maintenance $35.00
IRA – Retirement Account Closing $95.00
Outgoing Transfer $125.00
Check Writing/Debit Card Fees Fees
Broker Portfolio Premier $100.00 Annually
Check Re-Order $5.00
Debt Card $50.00 Annually
Miscellaneous Fees Fees
Mailgram $10.00
Trade Extensions $25.00 per Transaction

Vanderbilt Financial Group is an Independent Broker Dealer doing business differently than anyone else in our field. We are constantly learning and applying new ways of doing thing- whether it’s learning a new program that improves our business, infusing gamefication into our workplace, or becoming a sustainable and green firm, we are passionate about being a modern pioneer and different kind of broker dealer. We are a unified team driven by shared values of; gratitude, respect, innovation, teamwork, and trust. At Vanderbilt we are focused on finding ways of bettering ourselves and those around us while always applying our values to our clients, our community, and our environment.

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