Christine Byrnes

Chief Relationship Director

Christine Byrnes has been part of the Vanderbilt family for over 15 years. Her main responsibilities include managing the direct business department, facilitating advisor licensing and maintaining both wholesaler and advisor relationships. Christine joined the Executive Management

Team in 2015 and brings decades of industry experience. Christine grew up in Liverpool, England before moving to the United States in 1982. Christine has been married for 29 happy years and has three children. When she’s not working with the Vanderbilt advisors Christine enjoys gardening and playing with her two Cane Corsos.


Vanderbilt Financial Group is an investment firm disrupting traditional finance by focusing on socially and environmentally responsible, ethical, and impactful investments. We do this while keeping our advisors front and center, providing a world-class level of service with a “family office” feel. Headquartered in a LEED-certified Platinum building, our commitment to changing the world begins at home in our office and within our culture. We are a unified team driven by shared values of gratitude, respect, innovation, teamwork, and trustworthiness which we constantly apply to our clients, our community, and our environment.

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